What to do with a formal living room

The modern world goes at an insanely fast pace. Changeable fashion does not lag behind the general rhythm, dictating its requirements. In a wide variety of trendy modern styles, the formal style stands out-refined and harmonious. The design of the living room in a formal style will not only create a cozy atmosphere but also emphasize the excellent taste and wealth of its owners. This article contains some ideas for a formal living room.

formal living room ideas

Features of the formal style

Today, the formal style is often carried out using modern achievements in the field of design. In addition, in one interior, designed in the formal style, you can find echoes of several traditional styles at once.
Be that as it may, the formal interior will always be distinguished by harmony, symmetry, solemnity, quality of finishing materials, textiles, and accessories.

formal living room ideas

Therefore, for the design of the living room in a formal style, it is enough to follow the basic recommendations:


The temperament of the style is expressed in the symmetrical arrangement of architectural forms and groups, as well as the rigor of lines and manifested geometry. Most often, it is in a formal interior that you can draw one or more conventional lines that divide the space into equal parts, and get the sides that will mirror each other. Symmetry is of paramount importance for the ancient direction and classicism.

formal living room ideas

Elegance and chic

Centuries have defined it as a style characteristic of the interior decoration of the homes of wealthy people. This is not surprising, because, in the old days, only well-off people could afford to take care not only of the availability of a roof over their heads but also of the aesthetics of their abode.

formal living room ideas

The natural materials.

For finishing, furnishing, and decorating, such materials as wood, stone, metal, high-quality natural fabrics are suitable. Of course, today the market offers a large number of synthetic analogs of natural materials, but it is the listed versions of the latter that belong to the authentic version of the direction and will be able to recreate the sophistication inherent in the classic style.

formal living room ideas


It is no secret that until the beginning of the last century, electric light sources were extremely poorly distributed, so one chandelier in the living room was not able to cope with its key task. In this situation, alternative light sources on the walls, fireplaces, and tables came to the rescue. Thus, to complete the formal interior, you should also take care of additional lighting in the room.

Color solutions

formal living room colors ideas

The choice is made, and your choice fell on the classic version of the living room design. Now you need to decide on the color scheme. The most natural look in a formal interior is a soft and calm color palette, but there are also exceptions. Since color sets the tone for the entire room, it is important to take a responsible approach to the selection of a suitable color solution.

Decoration and materials for the formal living room

To create a formal interior, special attention should be paid to the decoration of the walls, floor, and ceiling. As already mentioned, in this case, a separate role is played by the quality of the materials. However, if you do not have the opportunity to purchase exclusively natural materials, you can stock up on their high-quality synthetic analogs.

formal living room ideas


A competent choice for finishing the floor is considered wood. To fix the finished result, use a glossy varnish.
The most successful version of the floor covering is marble, this noble stone is the best way to complete the formal interior.


Formal interior design involves two main ways of finishing the walls:
— The first option involves decoration with painting, fabric, wallpaper with an elegant pattern. The walls in this case look solemn and luxurious, but they should draw attention to themselves primarily through the quality and texture, and not the brightness of the color.
— On the other hand, the walls can be plain, in pastel colors. Here you can use decorative plaster, columns, and semi-columns for decoration, which will give the space the spirit of the aristocracy of the palace chambers.
It is also worth noting that a cozy fireplace will be an excellent characteristic addition to the classic interior of the living room.

Formal living room furniture

When decorating the living room in the style of noble classics, special attention should be paid to the selection of furniture items. They can be massive or sophisticated, but they must be elegant. As in the case of finishing, furniture made of precious wood, including decorative metal elements, looks organic for the classics, such furniture will emphasize the elegance and high cost of the entire design. Cotton, silk, or satin of restrained tones with a small, not flashy pattern is the best choice for upholstery.
If there is a large space, it is appropriate to add beautiful tables to the hall as stands for lamps, an ornate coffee table, as well as a bookcase.
Also, do not forget that when arranging furniture, you should adhere to the principle of symmetry.

Decor and textiles

Classics, unlike many other styles, require the obligatory presence of expensive decorative items in the interior.
Without high-quality and sophisticated figurines, candlesticks, mirrors, chandeliers, and paintings, there is no authentic formal living room. Decorative elements in this case should be very seasoned and traditional.
Porcelain, gilt, bronze, marble, antiques, sculptures, mirrors, portraits, and landscapes with intricate frames create a great impression. Naturally, using all of these options at once will not be best for your interior, it can turn out to be tasteless. Therefore, try to choose the right accessories for your classic living room, so that the room emphasizes the dignity and taste of its owners.

formal living room ideas

As for textiles, as in the case of upholstery for furniture, here you should use curtains, carpets, and pillows made of expensive natural fabrics. The color scheme of textiles should be combined with the general idea of the color solution. The carpet can be plain, but it is better if it is applied to restrained traditional ornaments.

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