Scandinavian decor on a budget

Scandinavian style

Although Scandinavian interiors seem quite simple, it is not always easy to repeat them in your apartment or house. In this article, we will give you some tips and ideas on Scandinavian decor on a budget.

The Scandinavian style is often chosen by people who strive for a life in harmony with themselves, others, and nature. As a rule, they have a developed sense of self-esteem, which determines their respect for the world as a whole, for each person.

Self-respect is manifested in choosing the best for your family: the best finishing materials, the best furniture, the best practical solutions to make life easier. For example, it is easier to maintain cleanliness in rooms in the Scandinavian style than in interiors with an abundance of complex decorative elements.

Finishing and materials:

For the design of Scandinavian interiors, choose natural materials or high-quality imitations.

Floors in private country houses, as a rule, are made of real wood. In the facts you can use laminate or parquet, imitating natural beams. The shade can be any in the palette from light brown to whitish. Use dark wood and its imitation carefully: the room should not seem gloomy.

The ceiling in the Nordic style is usually white – you can use ordinary plaster or stretched ceilings.

The walls are most often covered with paint or wallpaper. In the Scandinavian style, they are sometimes upholstered in wood completely or decorated so to accentuate the wall. You can make the room seem brighter with the help of photo wallpapers or imitation of stone or brick.

The Scandinavian decor on a budget

The Scandinavian style is considered one of the most democratic due to its conciseness. Suitable furniture and decor can be found both from budget and expensive manufacturers. The finish in the Scandi interior is also extremely simple, like a canvas, which means that a couple of shades of paint and an inexpensive laminate will be enough for you to design the entire space. Today we give tips that will help you create the Scandinavian design on a budget

  • Save on lamps. The main color of the Scandinavian interior is white. Walls, ceiling, doors, window frames are painted in it. On it, as on a blank sheet of paper, it is easy to combine furniture and decor details. Fill the room with only the most necessary items to preserve the main functions of white – light and space.

  • Again, the democratic nature of the scandi interior does not at all imply the presence of complex expensive lamps. Instead, you can hang spots or use LED strips. And also use simple lampshades. What is really worth paying attention to is the elaboration of various lighting scenarios.
  • Don’t use curtains and tulle, or at least hang the lightest curtains. Clean the window sills. Nordic interiors are very fond of natural lighting, and the more of it, the better the light from the windows adds a special charm to the interior, and also allows you to save on electricity during the day.

  • Instead of picturesque paintings, the Scandinavian interior style prefers laconic black-and-white or gray posters. They look great on a snow-white background. It is recommended to combine black-and-white posters, photos, and graphic posters. This will provide the interior with a special style and a unique character.

Textiles play a special role in the Scandinavian interior. It must be made of natural good quality materials. Curtains are made from light linen or cotton. But they are mostly used for decorative purposes because traditionally in Scandinavian style the windows are often left without curtains.

  • In the Scandinavian style, the eco-component is very important, so there are many objects from wild nature in the decor: animal horns, skins, real stumps, tree cuts, branches, cones, shells, fresh flowers, etc.
  • The walls can be decorated with a herbarium in a frame, a candle holder made of twigs, a mirror in a wooden frame, planters with live plants. A wicker basket for laundry or firewood can be put in a corner of the room.
  • Mirrors reflect sunlight and give extra space to the room that’s why you will always see them in a Scandinavian room design.

  • Baskets and accessories made of natural materials such as rattan are must-haves of a Scandinavian style. Use them for storage of various items, they will make your room cozy and stylish and on a budget at the same time.

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