Rug for the living room ideas 2022

A rug is the essential element of the decor of any living room. Any simple rug can make a room look warm and cozy. Though there are always many questions regarding how to choose the shape, material and the size of a rug for the living room.

How to choose a rug for a living room?

First we should consider:

  • size of a room
  • its interior style
  • purpose of the room

Of course a rug in the living room should be both beautiful and nice to touch. You must carefully choose the rug material.
If you have kids who are going to play on the floor, we recommend the soft fabric material.


modern rug in the living room

First of all, decide in which room you need a color accent. Bedroom, living room or dining room – the rug for each of these rooms should be different in size and texture. A product with a thick pile is perfect for a bedroom or living room, but such a rug for a hallway or dining room is not the best option. For these rooms, choose rugs with short pile, so that cleaning will not turn into an unbearable burden.

Why is it important to pay attention to the material of the rug? In addition to the properties you need, it will bring a special atmosphere to the interior. Each material has its own energy and tactility. Touching wool, viscose or silk will give you a completely different feeling – and it is important to choose the most pleasant. In addition, the material will emphasize the texture of the furniture and floor.

Rugs for the large living room

If the choice is between small and large rugs, choose the big one. It makes the space seem larger. A small rug, on the contrary, will visually reduce the space in the room.

Without any doubt, the living room and dining room especially need a large rug. Just imagine how great it will be to gather a family or friends on a fluffy shaggy rug and play board games or watch a movie.

A rug for the small living room

Consider the area of the room: too big rug in a small living room will make the space visually seem cramped. In addition, it should be proportionate to the furniture. A tiny rug next to a massive sofa and coffee table will look awkward.

A rug for the small living room
A rug for the small  living room

A rug for a Scandinavian interior

The Scandinavian style in home improvement has many fans. Such an interior always looks very light and cozy, it seems to be filled with the fresh cool air of the northern forests. It seems to give its residents peace and tranquility, which sometimes we lack so much in the modern rhythm of life. The Scandinavian style uses the following color shades: gray, light blue, blue, muted green, brown, black and white. Well, pure white dominates all. To enliven the interior, you can add just a few interesting accessories and a rug as well!

rug for a Scandinavian interior

Rugs for a modern style interior

This style is characterized by smooth lines. Such a rug will add warmth, special comfort and tranquility to the room. These can be bright patterns that embody the diversity of the animal or plant world of nature, or muted, natural tones. Natural wool, cotton or silk, as well as synthetic analogues (viscose, polypropylene and others) are chosen as materials for the rug.

best rug for living room

Rugs for a minimalist interior

Rugs in the minimalistic style are most often rectangular or square products in white, gray, beige. Their main function is to maintain comfort in the house, and not to create a bright accent. A rug with a subtle pattern or a soft color transition will also be appropriate. Rugs with a long pile look very good in a minimalist interior.

Rug for a minimalist interior

How to choose the shape of a rug for the living room

Rectangular rug for a living room

Rectangular rug is the most popular solution because it is the most common shape for a room. It will look good in every room and make it look proportional. The one thing which you should keep in mind is that you must carefully choose the size of such a rug.

How to choose Rectangular rug for a living room

Square rug for a living room

How to choose a square rug for a living room? A square rug has all the properties of a rectangular rug, but at the same time it looks better in small rooms. However, this shape looks good in a large room as well, and several small rugs will make it easy to divide the room into the required number of zones. It can also bring restrained elegance to the style of the home office or a living room.

Square rug for a living room

How to choose round rug for a living room?

Round shape of the rug is most often found in hallways and living rooms, it must always be “supported” by other rounded shapes in the room. An oval rug is a compromise between a rectangle and a circle one, it allows you to add zest to the interior with minimal effort. Moreover the psychologists consider round or oval carpets more comfortable for a psychics.

round rug for a living room

How to choose rectangular carpet for a living room?

How to choose pattern of a rug for a living room?

Below you will find a guide on how to choose the rug patterns

  • Floral – classic, neoclassic, Provence, country, shabby chic, eclectic.
  • Geometric – art deco, classic, loft, Scandinavian style, minimalism, Bauhaus, ethnic, fusion.
  • Abstract – minimalism, Scandinavian style, neoclassicism, eclecticism, Bauhaus. An abstract ornament can also be very different, but invariably brings a feeling of freedom, lightness and inspiration.

Quite often, the rug is used for zoning space. For example, to highlight a recreation area. Then the furniture in this area should be completely on the rug. But there is another option, when only the front legs of sofas and armchairs are on the rug.


Geometric rug living room

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