Modern lighting for a bedroom

When creating a bedroom lighting design you need to think through a number of important nuances since the light in this room should be pleasant and moderately bright. After all it is designed to enhance the atmosphere of comfortable relaxation inherent in this room. In this article you will get useful recommendations from professional interior designers regarding modern lighting for bedroom.

What kind of lighting do you chose for a bedroom?

The right lighting in the bedroom should have a number of characteristics. The quality of one’s sleep and rest largely depends on the right lighting, that is why it is necessary to approach the matter wisely.

There are different types and styles of ceiling lamps.

The modern lighting should be combined with the interior style and decor of the room. If the bedroom is made in the Scandinavian style you should not  buy a modern “high-tech” chandelier. Decide whether the chandelier will be the main accent or perform the role of a delicate addition.

Modern lighting in bedroom. What material to chose?

Pay attention to the lighting material as well. A suitable chandelier for a bedroom should not be made of toxic substances, since a person spends one third of the day sleeping, and the harm to health will be irreparable. There are no more restrictions for the bedroom, you can buy lamps made of plastic, fabric or crystal.

The bedroom is a place of tranquility and intimate atmosphere. This is a place where you can relax after a hard day and peacefully fall asleep. A friendly, cozy interior can be easily created using upholstered furniture, suitable textiles and light. The latter is extremely important, since suitable lighting will relieve stress, help you be calm and help to cope with cold winter mornings.

Light in the bedroom: fashionable lamp design

The main preference for the bedroom interior is a designer chandelier. It can hang, for example, just above the bed above the headboard or at the central point of the ceiling.

The ideal light should be soft and not disturbing the eyes. The ideal choice can be lamps made of light fabric shades, for example, linen or cotton, or made of milk glass. In addition to the design of the lamp of your dreams, take care of a light bulb that gives a pleasant glow. The best ones are those imitating daylight.

Light in the bedroom on the ceiling: the design of the chandelier

Some people choose an original chandelier. Remember, however, that impressive chandeliers are only suitable for large rooms. If the bedroom is small and cozy, there is a risk that you will overflow it. The light emitted by the chandelier can be directed or diffused. In the bedroom, the second option, which will make the interior evenly lit, will work better.

When choosing light bulbs for a chandelier follow the selection of a certain power. If you have additional side lighting, it is better to choose 35-40 W incandescent lamps in the chandelier and a warm color that ranges from 2700 to 3200 K.

Sconces for reading in the bedroom-directional light

Another idea for lighting the interior of the bedroom is wall sconces. Usually small and stylish, they turn out to be a discreet interior decoration and a great way to create an intimate mood. Although sconces give directional light, they perfectly complement the bedrooms. Remember that if you point the light source upwards, the room will look optically higher. If one cobra glows down, the ceiling will visually drop, and a romantic atmosphere will inhabit the interior. Sconces can perfectly replace classic table lamps. This solution will work well in small interiors where there is no room for bedside tables on both sides of the bed.

Every experienced designer knows that in order to create a pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom you should use different light sources. Thus, you can successfully combine the advantages of hanging lamps and wall models, table and halogen lamps, chandeliers and LED strips. Thanks to such solutions, it will be possible to create a magical shadow theater in your room, which will add energy in the morning and calm emotions in the evening.

Creating the right lighting in the bedroom that will meet all your requirements is not an easy task. After all you spend at least a third of your life here: resting, sleeping, spending time on hobbies and working.

The lighting design of the bedroom should be both soft and unobtrusive but at the same time functional and comfortable. We also recommend you to consider the convenient location of the switches and select lighting devices with a dimmer. That will allow you to adjust the intensity of lighting.

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