Modern bathroom storage


Who does not dream of a beautiful and yet functional and proper bathroom? This practical article contains useful tips on how to organize storage in the modern bathroom so that everything you need is at hand but at the same time does not clutter up the space.

1.Use square or rectangular accessories for storage.

For example you may use transparent trays and rattan boxes. They create the feeling of visual order and will help you keep everything at its place.


modern bathroom storage

modern bathroom storage

2. Use the space above the washing machine.

Oddly enough, the space above the washing machine often remains unused. But there will surely be a place for keeping bathroom towels or shampoos. 

3.You can put several baskets or hangers to keep towels on them.

4. Use trays

Group and store things by categories, using trays. So that the order is long-term, things are quickly found and easily returned to their place they should be stored by category. For example everything you need for hair styling, starting from a hair dryer and ending with elastic bands, should be folded in one place, and not dragged along different shelves. Perhaps this rule may seem obvious to someone, but many people forget about it or neglect it.

5. Use accessories for storage

Owners of small bathrooms can also pay attention to the following accessories:


-wall hangers;



Baskets, trays, containers, boxes, drawer dividers will help you organize the storage of things by category. It is desirable that the storage accessories are the same at least in color. Uniformity will magically create a perfect look of the bathroom.


6.Find non-traditional places for storage

Regardless of the area of the room, do not forget about the “hidden places”. These include, for example, the side walls of furniture, on which hooks or special organizers are hung for storing combs, cosmetics, wet wipes and other small things.

7.Use a trolley on wheels.

Trolleys are good because they are suitable for storing most of the things that we usually store in bathrooms, as well as because they can be easily moved.

8. Design special niches for storage 

They will be a good addition to shelves and hanging cabinets. It is especially convenient to place them near the sink or in the shower area to keep there shampoos and shower gels.

9. Use hanging shelves and organizers

 The smaller the bathroom is, the more it is necessary to adapt the walls for storage. We have already mentioned the hooks, the next step is hanging shelves and organizers.

10. Use the storage system in the walls

If the bathroom is big enough you can make a whole storage system in the bathroom with build-in cabinets around the perimeter of the walls. This option is convenient not only with numerous cabinets but also because it helps to hide household appliances.

There is also a list of useful advice for keeping your bathroom in order.

  • Do not clutter the bathroom counter. Leave in sight only the most necessary items and bottles that are suitable for the interior in color and style. The rest of the things are better stored in drawers or on shelves, using cosmetic bags, cans, containers for this. Find some ideas on bathroom counter decor here
  • Do not dry things in plain sight. Even if the mini-laundry is located directly in the bathroom make sure that things are not dried in plain sight. For example you might arrange an additional crossbar located behind the shower curtain. Or separate the laundry area with a partition.
  • Use storage accessories. For example, beautiful jars, boxes, boxes for small things, organizers for combing elastic bands and hairpins. You can make signatures on each of them to find the right things faster.
  • Get rid of labels. Shampoos, shower gels, lotions, etc. can be poured into beautiful identical bottles.
  • Choose accessories in the same style. Use beautiful dispensers, soap stands, toothbrush cups from the same collection.
  • Follow the style of textiles. Choose towels, mats, shower curtains based on the color scheme and style of the interior.

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