Master bedroom closet design

Where do you keep your clothes?

Probably most people will answer that they keep them in the wardrobe but it is much more comfortable to store all your clothes in one bedroom closet. It will allow you to keep all the clothes and shoes in one place and immediately evaluate the combination of the selected items. From this article, you will learn how to equip a master bedroom closet and what nuances you should take into account.

What you must know about the closet?

  • First of all, you must remember that the closet is usually an enclosed room. If there isn’t any window don’t forget to install a forced ventilation system that will prevent the formation of mustiness. If you have more questions regarding closet ventilation see
  • Then you must ensure good lighting in the closet. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to restore order and find the right items in a limited space. It is important to make sure that the lamps do not heat up. LED lighting is an ideal option for a closet. The easiest way to fully illuminate the closet is to use ceiling lamps for this. There are several scenarios for their placement in the dressing room:-installation of lamps along the perimeter of the ceiling.

-a chandelier in the center of the ceiling. The main light source should create soft unobtrusive lighting. If necessary, the central light can always be supplemented with local lights.

-directed lights. This scenario is suitable for small rooms. These lamps can be adjusted individually so that they can  illuminate even the most inaccessible area of the room.

How to divide the closet into functional areas?

If this is a closet for a couple you can leave one side for each person. Then you can divide the space in the closet into 2 zones as follows:

Active zone. This is the zone designed for the most popular clothes. Install the drawers and laundry baskets at a height of 1.7 ft -4.3 ft above the floor surface.

Passive zone. This is the zone for less popular things. Suitcases, seasonal items, various household accessories are stored here. To do this, install shelves below 1.7 ft or above 6.7 ft of the core level.

The rods for hangers should be set at a height of about 4.3-6.2 ft from the floor. Long clothes are placed on special rods.

What is the best size for a master bedroom closet?

  • Allocate at least 30 sq ft or the new zone. If the closet is too small you simply will not be able to use it for its intended purpose.

How to make a perfect closet at home?

Even a small closet can be made nice, convenient, and multifunctional. First of all, you should carefully think about the location of each item in it. Here are some professional advices regarding master bedroom closet design.

  • A large mirror is a must-have. It will allow you to comfortably try on different outfits.
  • Use transparent boxes to make it easier to find the right thing.
  • Use plastic or metal tubes designed for attachment to the crossbars under the hangers.
  • Put the smallest items into boxes. Make captions to them to quickly navigate among all the items.
  • Put things that you rarely use in the topmost drawers and shelves, and be sure to put shoes at the bottom. It is recommended to store each pair in a special compartment or a separate box.

Some tips regarding the master bedroom closet design

Choose the materials for wall decoration and the type of floor covering according to your taste and budget. A few simple rules on how to equip a closet will help you make it as functional and rational as possible:

– keep umbrellas, hats, and gloves in a separate drawer;

– always place the boxes with shoes at the very bottom;

– use the side shelves for things that are most in-demand;

– keep seasonal items on the upper shelves, as they should always be in the access zone;

– we recommend equipping the middle part of the room with decorative hangers.

Before thinking about how to equip a closet you should find an effective method of placing your personal items. If you do this in a chaotic way the organization of space will become ineffective and your closet will look like a mess. To avoid this divide the dressing room into several different zones as was explained earlier. In each zone take into account the seasonality and demand.

The popular method of Marie Kondo will probably help you 🙂

If you are interested in the effective arrangement of your belongings you should read about it here

Effective tips and recommendations from professionals:

– store shoes on inclined shoe racks in an upright position so that the seasonal models are right in front of your eyes and all the others are lower or higher;

– the men’s half of a closet must be equipped with special sections for belts and tie  as well as with additional sections for short items of clothing;

if you plan to equip one closet for both spouses it should be divided into a female and male zone (women wear more long things, for which it is necessary to use a high compartment).

How to equip a perfect master bedroom closet?

It is very important to provide additional functionality to the room and create comfortable conditions in it. Put a small chair or an armchair or ottoman in a closet, allocate space for a dressing table, use the built-in ironing board. A bedroom closet is not a luxury available to the elite. This is a convenient and multifunctional room that will help to organize space and time.


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