Living room blinds ideas

It is difficult to imagine an interior where curtains would not be used in the design, without them the room may look uncomfortable and unfinished. This decorative element can protect the room from sunlight and enliven the space. If you are not planning to make repairs soon, change the curtains and they will undoubtedly transform the interior for the better. From this article you will learn the types of curtains and see the pictures of beautiful living room blinds ideas.

In general, curtains play an important and final role in the arrangement of an apartment, this is the final touch that can either emphasize the beauty of the interior or spoil the overall impression. Let’s first look at some existing types of curtains, so that it will be a little easier to make a decision.


They are produced in the form of long vertical canvases. If they are made of tulle, voile, or organza, they are not able to fully protect the room from the penetration of direct sunlight.

Window blinds

The main types of blinds are structures made of vertical or horizontal slats that protect the room from the penetration of sunlight. Depending on the type, the blinds can be made with lifting, sliding, or turning mechanisms.


Roll-up shades

Like blinds, they have a lifting mechanism, but they are not separate plates, but a whole canvas.

Roman shades

According to their functional purpose and appearance, they resemble roller shades, but unlike them, they are not rolled up in the assembled position but are rolled into neat folds.

What should be considered when choosing curtains?

If you do not want the curtains to touch the floor, then the distance between their edge and the floor covering should be 2-5 cm.

For rooms with low ceilings, choose curtains made of light fabrics of light shades.

In the nursery, kitchen, or office, long curtains will not suit, it is better to choose Roman shades.

Long light curtains will decorate and adjust the space of small rooms. Hang dark curtains in a large room – the space will immediately become more intimate, cozier.

How to choose the color of the curtains?

If you are not going to change the furniture in the room soon, then you can choose curtains to match the color of the furniture. Now, this technique is one of the most popular among designers. In this case, you should choose the color of the curtains the same as the color of the furniture, or it should be as close as possible.

A great option is curtains of neutral tones. It can be white, beige, brown or grey. Such curtains always look beautiful and unobtrusive.

Secrets of the professionals that you should know about

  • To make the room look cozier, it is best to hang curtains of warm shades: light green, yellow, brown, beige, gold, orange, yellow, green.
  • If the room faces the north side, then the curtains are simply an indispensable option. 

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