Kitchen countertop decor ideas

How to decorate the kitchen countertop?

An empty kitchen countertop looks just as uncomfortable as a surface completely filled with all kinds of utensils. From this article you will learn how to decorate the kitchen countertop and maintain a balance between cluttering the space and making it cozy. Below you will find the most popular decor options.


how to decorate kitchen countertop

If the countertop surface is located next to the window, then you can place several pots with home plants on it. This will help to add freshness to the room. But you have to remember that the plants must not be too branchy. Otherwise, its leafy mass might often suffer during cooking.

Tip: you can also plant fresh herbs, like parsley, watercress, green onion etc. 


Often small kitchen appliances placed on the countertop make it visually cluttered. A beautiful tray made of natural stone, wood, rattan or high-quality plastic will combine several small items, thereby creating a single composition on the kitchen countertop.

how to decorate kitchen countertop with tray

Spices rack

Any housewife uses her personal favorite set of spices during cooking. Usually the basis is black pepper and salt. But it can also be other spices. You need to have the easy access to the spices which you frequently use. Rummaging through a table or closet in search of a jar of pepper is absolutely uncomfortable. It is logical that spices should be stored quite successfully on the countertop.The storage containers might create chaos on the countertop, so we recommend you to find a nice basket  or rack for them.

how to decorate kitchen countertop

Vase with flowers

This is an exclusively decorative detail, which is designed to fill the kitchen interior with a festive mood. The only place on the countertop that is not suitable for its placement is near the stove. Try to put the bouquet as far as possible from the source of heat. This will allow it to please the eye of the family members for as long as possible.

how to decorate kitchen countertop

Bowl with fruits

You can use a plate, a bowl or a metal basket – fruits will look perfect in any kitchen. They will enliven the atmosphere and add comfort to the most restrained and minimalistic interior. It is a cheap, useful and picturesque decor. The main thing is to choose fruits that stay fresh for a long time without refrigerator. Apples, oranges, lemons, pomegranates, pears will do; not many varieties of peaches, unripe avocados will stay fresh for a long time.
Fruits can help you to make stylish themed compositions, for example, for Christmas. They can be supplemented with nuts and cones, combined with sprigs of mistletoe, thuja, boxwood, juniper. Such a composition with fruits and candles will look beautiful on the festive table.

how to decorate kitchen countertop

Lemonade jug

Another great way to decorate the kitchen is to put a beautiful colored glass jug for lemonade in the most prominent place. If you like soft drinks, it is worth placing a glass jug with bright contents on the countertop to give yourself and others good mood, reminding them of a sunny summer.

how to decorate kitchen countertop


Everyone needs some good, sharp knives for cooking. Instead of stashing them away in a drawer (and risk getting your finger hurt), put them out on display with a knife block on the countertop of your kitchen.

how to decorate kitchen countertop


Candles will look gorgeous at any event, from a quiet family dinner to a wedding. You can use your imagination and not be limited to purchased candlesticks, but create your own composition. This can be a wonderful decoration for your kitchen countertop.

Glass storage jars

Glass storage jars filled with bright contents will look beautiful in any kitchen. Use your imagination and fill them with such things as: candies, sugar, lentil, anything that is bright and colorful.

Hanging measuring spoons and cups

You can hang spoons, cups, or any other kitchen utensils on the wall above the countertop. Make sure they are similar in style and color. Don’t hang too many items on the wall, because they may create visual disorder.

Coffee or tea corner.

On the kitchen countertop, you can arrange a corner for tea or coffee, so that everything you need is at hand. Use decorative trays or baskets to place jars of sugar, tea or coffee in them, put a coffee maker and a teapot next to them. You can place the equipment simply on the countertop or organize everything on one large tray. The second option is more convenient when cleaning. If  you have a pod coffee machine, you can arrange storage of the capsules in a beautiful box or a basket.

coffee kitchen countertop
coffee corner on kitchen countertop

Cookbook stand

If you love cooking we recommend you to purchase a stand where you can place your favorite cookbook. It is handy and looks nice at the same time.
how to decorate kitchen countertop

Final tips for decor of kitchen countertop

  • Quality must remain above quantity. No need to overload the countertop with some cheap trinkets.
  • If the stand is for a spoon with which soup or roast is mixed, then it should be beautiful, high-quality, stylish. In general, such items do not cost a fortune, you can buy everything in one supermarket, pick up in the same style.
  • We must try to adhere to the chosen order. Don’t clutter up the countertop with something you don’t use every day. Everything that should be stored in drawers and behind cabinet doors is removed there immediately after use. For example, plastic food containers — they definitely have no place on the countertop, there should be a separate storage hidden from the eyes of guests behind the facade.
Let’s repeat — leave only those items that you use on daily basis, the only exception may be a vase with flowers or a pot with a houseplant. Do not skimp on beautiful items, such as coasters for utensils, spice jars, and so on. Group it all into zones using trays and cutting boards. Get used to this order, and your countertop will always look attractive, well-groomed, and uncluttered.

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