King-size bed in a small bedroom

Not everyone has a big house and huge spaces, where a double bed can be included without any problems. If you want to sleep comfortably and on a king-size bed, but the room is too small, it is not a problem. Many decorating options will make your small room look big and very cozy, even if there is a large bed in it.
This article will reveal all the secrets of how to choose a king-size bed for a small room so that it would be comfortable and pleasant.


The most important rule is that there should be no dark colors in the room (otherwise it will look like a cave). If you still want to introduce one or another dark shade, add several small elements of bright color: bedside mats or pillows.
The walls and ceiling must be painted in light colors: it will visually make the room look bigger. It is better if it is white (not beige, not gray, but white). As much natural light as possible must penetrate the room: it is not necessary to hang heavy curtains on the windows. It is worth choosing tulle or blinds. The light will make the room visually larger, and will also have a positive effect on the mood of its inhabitants.
Bed linen must always be neat, clean, monochrome, and as simple as possible.
Floor You can keep some items right under the bed, there is so much space there. You can buy wicker baskets that will fit both bed linen and clothes.

The color of the floor can be dark; fortunately, it is almost invisible in a small room. Designers recommend laying parquet in dark shades.

Walls You may hang sconces on the walls (instead of floor lamps, which take up extra space). For example, you can hang one sconce on each side of the chair: you will get a cozy reading corner.

You mustn’t use bedside tables and instead you should use shelves: there can be both open and closed shelves. The guest’s gaze will be directed not at the big bed, but up on the shelves.


It is worth painting it in a light shade: the darker the ceiling is, the smaller the room seems, and vice versa.

The fact is that huge drawings and bright colors will attract attention to the largest object in the room – the bed.
It is worth buying a bed without a footboard and with a small headboard. The headboard shouldn’t be bulky. The bed itself should be of a light color.

Since the main task is to visually expand the bedroom, you need to choose a light shade as a basis and make an object of any color an accent.
For example, you can hang a picture above the bed that will differ from the light color of the bedroom walls, and then the gaze will automatically be directed at it, and not at the bed.
The accent can also be a bright vase on an antique chest of drawers or any other object that will divert attention from a bulky bed.
Another option is to paint the wall behind the bed in an accent color, darker than the color of the walls and the bed itself. Visually, this will help distract attention from the bed.

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