Kid’s bedroom lighting

One of the important parameters in the design of a children’s bedroom is its lighting. Lighting plays a crucial role in the lives of boys and girls of all ages: it affects the mood, well-being of the child, and also regulates the process of growth and affects the nervous system. That is why it is so important to choose the optimal lighting for the room in which a small family member will live.

For the baby to develop harmoniously, it is necessary to choose good artificial lighting. For older children, it is also very important to properly illuminate the play area and a study area. Attention should also be paid to central lighting.

Usually, a kid’s bedroom is a place where lighting solutions look quite standard: a central chandelier, a night light, or a table lamp. Nevertheless, good lighting can improve the look of a bedroom and make the life of a kid and his parents more comfortable.

girls bedroom lighting

Lighting in a kid’s bedroom

The lighting in a kid’s room will mostly depend on the age of the child. So there are different options for toddlers, schoolchildren, and teenagers.

Lighting Ideas for a toddler’s bedroom

Let’s consider the main types of lighting for a toddler’s bedroom: a chandelier, perimeter lighting, dim lighting, and lighting of specific areas.

A chandelier usually decorates the whole room, miniature chandeliers, pendant lights, wall lamps, fans with lighting and recessed ceiling lights will also be a good option.

Spot zonal lighting is used, as a rule, to solve specific tasks, for example, for dressing and feeding a toddler. The key feature is to provide enough light at night, but not too much so that the baby does not wake up during night feeding and changing clothes. For these needs, you can use floor lamps, wall sconces, or a table lamp.

Dim lighting in the toddler’s bedroom is important. It is necessary so that you can move around the nursery without turning on the overhead bright light, while your baby is sleeping.

We hope that everyone understands the importance of a night light in the toddler’s room. There must be a night light! This is convenient for parents who came in at night to tuck in the baby.

Below you will find a good review of nursery night lights


Tips and Warnings

  • Never place the lights directly above the crib on the ceiling or wall!
  • Keep all lamps and wires in places inaccessible to your child, who will soon become a very curious toddler. Do not pull the cord across the room!
  • All lamps must have a stable base, do not turn over, and always be installed in a place inaccessible to all children.
  • The night light should not be at eye level and in the area of direct visual contact of your child. The baby should see only indirect diffused light
  • Place all lighting fixtures away from the curtain to prevent fires!

Lighting Ideas for a schoolboy or a schoolgirl

The main light source must illuminate the central part of the room because it is here that children spend most of their time playing. The light should be diffused or reflected from the ceiling. For such lighting, you may use a chandelier. For the interior of a girl’s room, you can choose a chandelier with exotic flowers, and boys will like a lamp looking like a spaceship.

The lighting of the work area

Modern desktops are quite compact, but they still need to accommodate a laptop, books, and much more. So there is simply not enough space for a desk lamp. Besides, it can be accidentally pushed on the floor. It is much more convenient to use a lamp which can be attached to the wall. Some lamps are attached directly to the table, it is also a good choice.

Another great solution can be a spot LED lamp or pendants, which can be placed directly above the countertop of the table and adjusted with a cord. This arrangement of lighting will eliminate the shadows, which is very important when studying.

Many people still argue whether it is useful or harmful to read before going to bed, but the fact remains that many children go to bed with a book or a tablet. Therefore, it would be wise to put a floor lamp by the bed or hang a sconce.

work area lighting

Lighting for a teenager’s room

Teenagers require almost the same lighting scenario as the adults. Though they often care a lot about the look of their bedroom. So we advise you to choose not only practical but also nicely looking lighting solutions.

There are some great ideas for a teenager’s bedroom lighting suitable for boys and girls

1. Creative chandelier.

Creative lighting for kids
Kids room creative lighting ideas

2. Luminous inscription.

Imagine how great a teenager’s room would look for a girl if her name glowed above her bed?! Or maybe you want to write a message for her?

The Neon inscription is a modern and interesting solution and also an excellent choice for a teenager’s bedroom

3. Bright garland.

These are not only used as a Christmas decoration. In modern interiors, a garland serves as a wonderful decoration for a children’s bedroom. It can be hung over a bed or a desk, thereby setting a festive mood.

Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of lamps for the decoration of children’s bedrooms. But when buying lighting fixtures, pay attention not only to their appearance but also to their quality, materials used, and safety indicators. And of course, you must ask the opinion of your child regarding the look of his bedroom because it is he or she who is going to spend most of the time in this room.

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