How to style a round coffee table

In most modern living rooms there is such a piece of furniture as a coffee table or a magazine table. Often it is literally the center of the entire furniture composition. A coffee table is the key object of almost any living room, which means that it should please the eye and interest the guests of the house, creating topics for conversation. However, as a rule, these tables are “decorated” with either old magazines or accidentally accumulated things. Therefore, in order to create a harmonious decor for a coffee table, it is necessary to think about it in advance. Below you will find a lot of ideas on how to decorate a coffee table in the living room.

Coffee table types and shapes

The British were the first ones to use coffee tables in the interior design. This piece of furniture was used as a stand for coffee and tea cups. Over time people started to stack magazines and newspapers on them, coffee tables functionally became more similar to magazine tables. Though it is not exactly true: coffee tables are not higher than 50 cm (about 20 inches), and  the height of the magazine table is on average 70 cm (about 30 inches). However, with innovative ideas of modern designers, you can often find coffee tables 70 cm high.

The most popular types for coffee tables are rectangle and round ones. Although you may also see square and oval coffee tables or even triangle ones. 

Below you will find the ideas for decorating coffee tables. They are applicable for almost all the shapes of the coffee tables. Keep in mind that the proportions and the style of the decor on the table must be corresponding to the style and size of the coffee table.

Vignettes in styling the coffee table

Vignette is the important tool for any interior designer. We often use them for decorating level surfaces (shelves, tables, cabinets e.t.c). That is why we can use vignettes to decorate the coffee table.

Vignette is a small group of decorative elements and pieces of furniture that reflects the style and preferences of the owner of the house. These original compositions can tell a lot about the residents of the house, reveal their hobbies and personalities.

It is not very difficult to create the vignette by yourself. Here are our basic recommendations:

1) Vignettes are best suited for the hallway, living room, bedroom, office;

2) You should not place a large number of items in one place;

3) When choosing items for decoration, make sure that all of them look well together

How to decorate the coffee table?

The basic scheme for decorating the coffee table is the following:

  1. Something tall (vase, houseplant, statuette);
  2. Something low (casket, candlesticks);
  3. Something old or textured (a piece of coral, a shell, a stone, an old lantern – any thing that has a special character);
  4. A stack of books (usually used as a stand).

You may also add trays, baskets or any items that reflect your personality and look well with each other. Or you can just put there the decorative elements that you like.

Round coffee table

We often find round coffee table in modern interiors. And that is easy to explain. This shape is quite convenient, especially in small rooms. There are no sharp corners and it can easily be put in any empty space of the room.

Below there are some brilliant ideas on how to decorate the round coffee table. You can easily replicate them in your interior.

Types of decor for a coffee table

1.Stack of books on the round coffee table

One of the options for decorating a round coffee table is using the books. We recommend you to choose big beautiful books and use not more than 1-2 colors. A stack of books is a simple solution to add functional height. You may also put some other decorative items on the top of the stack of books to create a more sophisticated look for your coffee table. If you don’t have suitable books at home, you may also use fake books or book covers for this purpose.

2.Flowers on the coffee table 

Flowers always make the room look fresh and lively. If you put flowers in a beautiful vase in the center of a coffee table, it will immediately liven up the room. Remember to put other short items next to the vase, in oder to create a vignette. The “lonely” vase on the table might look a little boring.


3. Faux stems on the coffee table

If for some reason you don’t want to or can’t use fresh flowers for decor, you can always replace them with the dried flowers. They will last longer and don’t require any special treatment in comparison with the fresh flowers.

4.Candles on the coffee table

Candle is good item for decor of a coffee table as they create nice warm focal point in the room. Our advices are:

  • put candles on the tray
  • combine candles with other objects (the vase look really well next to the candles
  • the group of several candles of different shapes and sizes will look better than a single candle

5.Decorative trays and bowls on the coffee table

Tray is an indispensable element for creating a beautiful arrangement on the coffee table. They may differ in shapes and materials and you can use more than one tray for coffee table decor. If your coffee table is square, go with the square or rectangle tray, if the table is round, go with a round one.

6.Baskets on the coffee table

the use of baskets is similar to the use of trays. You may put several small but different objects on the tray. In order to create a beautiful arrangement, choose something that may unite the items on the tray (color, shape etc)

7.Plates on the coffee table

Plates can be used as trays to put some items on them or if they are vintage they can be the center of the composition.


8.Original ideas for coffee table decor

If you think through the decor of your coffee table and wisely choose the decorative elements for it, it is not so hard to make it stylish. Collect all the items that you already have and try to create the vignettes out of them. Then find the missing elements (which can complement the composition) and you’ll get the complete picture.


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