How to organize commercial kitchen storage

Commercial Kitchen Storage

The kitchen is the heart of any restaurant. That is why the commercial kitchen storage organization allows you to rationally use every inch of the room. We will tell you how to compactly arrange items and give you some advice on it to maximize commercial kitchen storage and make it more comfortable.

commercial kitchen storage ideas
commercial kitchen storage ideas

1)The vertical storage system is the best solution for any kitchen. Compact shelves will not take up much space, but they will easily fit all your dishes.

2)The functionality of the kitchen can be easily increased with the help of rails. Today, there are many different models, hooks, and special jars for spices are made for them.

3)Attach the knives to the wall – and in the literal sense of the word. A special magnetic bar can be used for the knives

4)It is a nice idea to install a single shelf above the cooking area to hold the commonly-used spices or to keep the most-used utensils close at hand.

5)While countertops and prep tables can take up a lot of space in a restaurant kitchen, you can also invest in under-table storage. You could install drawers or shelves which can hold utensils or other items and keep them within easy reach.

commercial kitchen storage ideas
commercial kitchen storage ideas

6) To organize proper storage in a commercial kitchen you can use clear plastic bins. They are good for grouping items together and at the same time, you will still be able to see everything that you have. Black or gray bins are popular and can be used for all the items starting from pots and pans to small items. Grouping similar items together help to maintain your commercial kitchen space more organized and running smoothly.

7) Make sure that each item can be easily found

Transparent containers and cans are the perfect options to see what’s inside at a glance, and open baskets will cover casually folded things, while at the same time allowing you to look into them without unnecessary movements.

Good organization of open spaces in the commercial kitchen allows you to save space and use the space in the kitchen set rationally.

 Here are general recommendations for feeding kitchen utensils, spices, and other items. 

-Expand under the stream everything that is often used

-hold up the sliding top drawers and lower shelves of hanging cabinets. 

-Group single items: place bulk food in one drawer, feed pans and pots side by side. 

-Move the container to the three-dimensional drawers. 

-Mount the hanging open shelves on the rocks if the kitchen is small and there is not enough space for the shelves. 

-Organize the space: if something is used every day, put it closer to the shelf, if it is used once a month-put it is in the middle or closer to the thread. 

 If the kitchen is gathering dust with unnecessary appliances or dishes, pack them and take them to the pantry. You get rid of unnecessary things. 

-Throw away the shaken bowl and cups without a handle, remove broken spoons or forks. These items create a mess in the kitchen.

Below you will find a useful video on commercial kitchen setup.

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