How to decorate a rectangular living room


Most living rooms have the shape of a rectangle while they differ only in the location of windows, doors and dimensions. But this is enough to decorate each of the rooms in different ways. The design of a rectangular living room has its own features that relate to color, furniture placement, interior style. Taking all this into account you can create a cozy atmosphere in a rectangular living room. Here are some advice on how to decorate a rectangular living room.


The design of a rectangular living room and its perception largely depends on the color palette present in the design of the room. With the help of correctly selected colors, you can visually adjust the shape of the room. Here is what the professional designers recommend about this:

Light colors and shades are considered the best, because the room will look lighter and more spacious. That is why in small living rooms, horizontal and vertical surfaces are preferred to be decorated in white, light beige, pistachio, gray colors.

In a long rectangular living room, you can visually expand the space if part of the wall is painted, and part is covered with matching wallpaper. Moreover, you need to combine textures and colors horizontally.

Such colors as green, blue, orange will help to bring brightness to the interior. But there shouldn’t be too many of them. Just a few bright accents, for example, pillows, curtains or some decorative elements, and the room will no longer look boring and monochrome.

The natural illumination of the room has a great influence in the choice of the color palette. The living room with windows facing south is always well lit, so you can choose cold shades of blue, gray and white. In a room where the windows are located to the north, it is better to give preference to warm tones of orange, brown or green.

Designers welcome contrasts in the design of a rectangular living room. Narrow walls are decorated in a light color, and short ones are painted in warm tones, for example, red, brown, coral. Such an interior of a rectangular living room will look stylish, modern and, most importantly, cozy.


Remodeling will help to radically change the shape of the guest room. Most often, a kitchen is combined with a guest room, thereby expanding the space, it is possible to combine it with a bedroom, and sometimes with an entrance hall. Thanks to this combination, the design of a rectangular room can turn out to be much more attractive, due to a larger area on which you can realize all your fantasies.

Combining a rliving room and a kitchen allows you to create a single space, combining two seemingly incompatible rooms. The design of a rectangular living room in this case should be based on a harmonious combination of two multifunctional spaces. First of all, it is necessary to take care of the visual zoning of the two parts of the room in order to mark the border, hinting, however, at the remaining unified space of the room.

The interior design of a rectangular guest room has some difficulties than performing the same task in a square room. You will have to work hard here. The arrangement of furniture and other interior elements should be carried out in strict accordance with the plan. The color scheme should be created taking into account the intensity of artificial and natural lighting. The accent elements should be in their places. Of course, it will not be possible to achieve the ideal, but you need to strive for it and then the guests will certainly appreciate your efforts.

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