How to decorate a cork board

A corkboard has become a popular piece of decor. Thanks to its low weight, the corkboard is quickly and easily attached to the wall. In this article we will see the best ideas on how to decorate a cork board.

How to decorate a corkboard?

First of all, we all know that the corkboard is often used in interior design because it has a large number of positive characteristics. These include:


2)firmness and elasticity (even after mechanical action on the material, it quickly restores its original shape);

3)antistatic characteristics (due to these properties, dust does not collect on the corkboard);

4)long service life;

5)resistance to various chemicals, etc.

Since initially the cork board itself has a rather inexpressive natural color of wood, many people, trying to create a bright accent and cover it with paint. You should buy exactly the kind of paint that is suitable for painting cork boards (it is advisable to consult a qualified sales consultant on this issue). Depending on your wishes and preferences, you can use one or more shades of paint.

Another option for making a cork board original is to cover it with a decorative fabric. Thus, you do not need to constantly use such a method as painting, and if possible and desired, you can change the fabric quite often. At the same time, it is advisable to choose a material that will fit well and will be harmoniously combined with the overall interior of your room.

Corkboard is traditionally used as a kind of”canvas”. You can hang any decorative elements of your choice on it. A fairly common way is to decorate the board with photos.

You can make a kind of “pockets” that can be hung on a corkboard. Thus, you will create an additional storage system in which you can put various little things: for example, keys.

You can hang various leaflets and postcards with inspiring and motivating quotes on the corkboard.

Or you can put your timetable on the board.

A corkboard can be also be a mood board. Pieces of various textures may be combined on such boards. This may be convenient for designers or other creative staff.

Let’s look at some beautiful examples of the design of cork accessories in the interior of various rooms.

In this photo, you can see a non-standard, stylish, and functional solution. An entire wall of the study is decorated with cork. Many elements are attached to it, but they do not create a sense of chaos.

You may get as creative as you can, for example, try to paint white some parts of the board. It can look stylish!

For you to feel at home in the room, it should be as individualized as possible for your taste preferences and functional needs. At the same time, it is recommended not to use templates from the Internet, but to show your creativity.

As you might see, there are no restrictions regarding the design, decoration, and location of the cork element in the interior. You can use the examples offered by us or come up with your version. Anyway, with skillful implementation, the accessory can become a multifunctional decorative element of the interior of any room.

There are so many ideas on how to decorate a cork board. You can choose whatever is the best for you.

In case if you are in search of ideas of DIY for a cork board we recommend to read the following article.


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