How to decorate a bathroom counter

Often, very little is required for the bathroom decor – for example, to add or change a couple of details so that the interior plays in a new way. We will tell you about the most interesting and budget ideas for decorating the bathroom counter.

Our day begins and ends in the bathroom, we spend a lot of time here. Making the bathroom not only comfortable but also beautiful is not an easy task, although it is very important. We have collected several interesting tips on how to make the bathroom counter look modern, nice, and cozy.

The best way to decorate your bathroom counter is to put on it the items which stand out which mean something to you or just make you feel good. The bathroom counter is not just a functional space anymore. The more pretty things you put on it the cozier it will look.


The first and essential piece of advice regarding bathroom counter decor is to BUY A TRAY. This item will not just help you organize the things but also create a work of art in the bathroom.

What to put on a tray?

You may combine many things like soap, shampoos, candles, plants, flowers, perfumes. To create a beautiful arrangement try to move different items, combine all or some of them until it finally looks perfect.


You can always use a basket for the decor of a bathroom counter, put some towels into it, add shampoos or shower gels in similar packaging or in a similar color scheme.


Put some flowers on the counter. Various flower pots can transform the appearance of your bathroom. It is only necessary to add a little greenery to the interior as it will already seem “alive” and eco-friendly. If there is a window in the bathroom, you can place plants in pots but if the room is dark use compositions of dried flowers or even artificial options — the main thing is that they are as similar as possible to natural ones.



Don’t forget about candles, especially aromatherapy candles or essential oil diffusers. They create a unique atmosphere in the bathroom, make it look warm and cozy. It may become a perfect place to relax after a long day at work.


Keep some and small items in the transparent jars. they look extremely stylish.

But you should remember that better if they are of different sizes, that way the composition will look better. And it goes without saying that they must be perfectly clean.

The limited space on a bathroom counter is often the root cause of bathroom clutter. It’s sometimes quite tricky to deal with, especially when the bathroom is small.
But now you see that you don’t have to fall hostage to the mess. And there are many ways you can turn your bathroom counter into a charming and orderly space that you look forward to using every day.

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