Home office design and decor

   Home office decor

Working from home is the dream of almost every office worker. This gives many advantages and allows to save time and money on daily travel in public transport. Deciding to start a professional activity at home, it is necessary to think about where and how to organize a home office. We will tell you how to create a comfortable home office without special expenses.

When creating a home office, it is important to take into account the following rules:

  1. The home office should not take up much space. Basically, it is always a table and a chair, as well as shelves, drawers, and lockers for storing papers, office, and other things;
  2. In the area reserved exclusively for a home office, you should place only items related directly to your activity and not clutter it with other items;
  3. The working area should be organized ergonomically (in compliance with the rules for placing objects and equipment in the space for the most convenient use);
  4. Be careful about choosing the right lighting, the height of the table, and the seating furniture, as they should not cause discomfort during working time;
  5. For the room in which you are arranging a place for a home office to look harmonious, try not to go beyond the existing interior, choosing furniture for the home office within an existing interior style.

Home office design

First, think about the essentials. A home office won’t require a lot of furniture, just a few basic things. A desk, a comfortable chair, and a little storage space are all you need for productive work. 

Think outside the box, for example, you can use a dining table as a work desk. This will allow you to use more space for work, and you can also add chairs to the interior to be able to chat with visitors. 

If there is a window in the home office, place a table in front of it. The opportunity to look at nature during working hours is great.

The home office can be a separate room or even a separate corner. Show a little creativity – and create it anywhere. In many cases, there is not enough space to allocate an entire room for your own office, so often such offices are multi-purpose.

If possible, avoid areas of the room where people often pass, because otherwise you can get distracted more easily. Think about which room in your house is the quietest? The sun’s rays instantly improve your mood, so it’s best to choose a room with plenty of natural light.

If a laptop is everything you need for a home office you can create your home office wherever you want. But if your work requires special equipment, a computer, printer or something else, you will have to allocate some space for them as well.

Home office color 

Choosing the right color for a home office is very important. If you work in a creative sphere, you will surely pick up a color that promotes inspiration, and if your work requires a lot of concentration, you need to choose a shade that calms and causes productivity.

What color relieves stress?

You may like it or hate it, but believe it or not, black attracts positive energy into your home. Considering that the trend towards black walls became strong in 2020, what could be better than a home office with such a color? If black walls seem too unusual to you, there are many options. The most popular of the alternatives is blue. Think about it, does it remind you of the sky, of the deep blue ocean, of something else? Other colors can help in the formation of a calm space – brown, purple, and green.

black home office
blue home office

Which colors should be avoided?

According to color psychology, some colors would not be suitable for a home office. So, red means a very high level of energy, which can cause severe anxiety. Saturated shades can also be distracting, so avoid light green, bright orange, etc. White color is also not the best choice for home office design. It can lead to fatigue and eye strain, so if you sit at the computer all day, avoid white.

What colors can make you happier?

“Happy” colors are often associated with bright shades. For example, yellow is very motivating. It is considered the happiest color. But too much yellow can cause excessive stimulation, so use it sparingly. “Happy” colors don’t have to be bright! Warm colors contribute to happy feelings. Consider adding orange, red, or pink shades to create a pleasant atmosphere in the home office.

orange home office

How to decorate a home office?

Some of our favorite home office design ideas are related to family photos. Create galleries of photos on the wall, let them make you smile during the break. When you work remotely, it is important to still feel connected to such photos, so viewing images of your loved ones on the wall will be very useful! Another cool home office decor idea is the use of plants. Greens not only purify the air but also reduce stress and anxiety.

Below you will find some good ideas on home office wall decor

Home office wall decor ideas

Inspirational quotes is an easy and funny way to decorate your home office.

A calendar or a special board for notes may be an effective and convenient solution for home office wall decor

Of course, you can simply use posters or pictures on the wall.

Nice shelves and plants will make your home office walls look beautiful.

A colorful accent wall is a nice solution for a home office.

If you don’t want much decor on your home office walls, you can simply put some shelves with books on them.

A cork board is one of the best solutions for a home office. For more cork board decor ideas see https://inspirationforhome.com/how-to-decorate-a-cork-board/

Of course if you prefer minimalistic style, you will not need much decoration on the walls of your home office.

You can be creative when arranging a home office, because we spend much time working, and it is better to spend that time in a comfortable environment.

You can find more beautiful ideas for the home office at https://greenweddingshoes.com/home-office-decor-ideas/

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