Guest bedroom ideas on a budget

It is quite convenient when there is a special room which is called a guest room and the guests can stay overnight. There are usually one or two such rooms in the house. When you need more guest rooms and you live in a private house, it is more rational to build a separate guest house. This article will provide you with some budget ideas regarding design of a guest bedroom.

What is important?

  • The most important thing in the bedroom is the bed. It should be comfortable in all respects. 
  • The second is lighting. Multiple light sources are a must.
  • It is also desirable to make the color palette of the guest bedroom harmonious. The colors used in design of the room should be well combined with each other and be pleasant for visual perception.
  • Wallpaper, lamps, textiles, carpets and other accessories will also look good in the guest bedroom. The main task is to make the guest bedroom nice and cozy and not spend too much money on it. 

Given the fact that the guest bedroom is not the priority room in a house or apartment a small budget is usually allocated for its decor. There is nothing wrong with this because using simple rules you can create a stylish, cozy and harmonious guest bedroom on a budget.

Here are some guest bedroom ideas on a budget

  • Do not be afraid of minimalism in design and decor. In this case it is exactly what you need.

A single or double bed is suitable as a sleeping place for a guest. A sofa can be a convenient option as well. In some cases a good and budget solution can be a high-quality thick mattress (in this case you will have to place the mattress on the floor and provide a special stand/podium).

Design of the guest bedroom on a budget

One of the best choices for a guest bedroom on a budget is a minimalist style room.

The minimalist interior is represented by laconic forms, simple colors and almost complete absence of decor in the room. In order to decorate the interior (the decor makes a room cozy) you should not use too flashy objects or expensive decor but you should not forget about it at all. The room might seem ascetic, cold and very uncomfortable.

For a guest bedroom a beautiful picture, poster or photo on the wall will be enough. For the decoration of the room you can also use simple color accents created by paint: for example highlight the headboard area, one of the walls or a corner with a contrasting color.

The other interior style which won’t cost you much is a Scandinavian style.

Guest bedroom ideas on a budget Guest bedroom ideas on a budget

Some people think that the Scandinavian style in the bedroom interior means minimalism in everything. But don’t be scared of filling the room with decorative objects. Use paintings — they will not only decorate the room but also combine all the colors in it.

Candlesticks, photo frames, figurines, vases — feel free to use them in interior design without denying yourself the pleasure of filling the bedroom with your favorite little things.

As for the color design of furniture for the Scandinavian bedroom, the models do not have to be gray or white. A bed with a green headboard, a yellow armchair or a cranberry-colored banquette-choose shades that are in nature for accents and then you will definitely not go beyond the interior theme.

Textiles play the most important role in the Scandinavian bedroom interior. Bright decorative pillows laid out on the bed, a knitted or fur blanket, bed linen with an interesting geometric print and the interior of your bedroom will be instantly transformed.

Textile elements can always be replaced with options of other colors and shades. With their help, you can change the look of the room every day to suit your mood.

See some tips how to create Scandinavian design on a budget at

Tips to save your money

  • There is no need to buy an expensive bedside table for guest bedroom. There may be plenty of items that can be used as a place for your guests to put their phones, personal belongings, glasses or books.


  • Expensive pendant lights can be exorbitant and may not be reasonable for those who try not to spend much on the guest bedroom. Therefore some other reasonable lighting substitutes may be used. For example check out this web-site with pendant lights ideas
  • Never forget about such things as clean towels and scattered books or magazines, fresh flowers can be picked straight from the garden, they will definitely make your guest bedroom look gorgeous.
  • Don’t hesitate to use old furniture and carpets, they can add the color to the room.

Good luck! 😉

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