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Decorating ideas for the top of refrigerator

How we usually describe it is “the awkward space above the fridge”. And this definition describes it pretty well, usually, the space is left above the fridge and we don’t know what to put on it.

The best and the most obvious solution is to add one extra cabinet above the fridge and store some kitchen appliances in it.

When it is not possible to supplement the kitchen furniture with another cabinet, and you want to reorganize the space, you may hang shelves above the refrigerator. You can put some beautiful decor on it, supplement it with house plants and make a beautiful composition.

You can do without additional work to optimize the space at all. The cabinet and shelves will replace boxes, drawers, or baskets. Choose the right models for the style of the kitchen. Just do not load the upper surface of the refrigerator, so as not to interfere with ventilation and heat dissipation. This method is quite suitable for storing light kitchen utensils such as baking molds, plastic containers, or serving dishes.

One more option will require some effort but it is worth it. You can create a space where you can keep the wine bottles in the space above the fridge! Sometimes a wine collection takes up a lot of space and you have to allocate a shelf for it or even a separate cabinet. However, to free up space, it is enough to make a small organizer over the refrigerator, which will compactly accommodate the entire collection. Triangular storage systems of this wine cabinet place several bottles in one niche. The use of color and material, as in the main furniture, creates a sense of construction.

Many housewives use a certain number of cookbooks and recipes. You need to find a place for them in a small kitchen. If you don’t want to occupy the already clogged lockers and drawers, then you should pay attention to the refrigerator. Most often, there is enough space between it and the ceiling to place a culinary library there.

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