Dark furniture bedroom ideas

Most people prefer to use only light colors for their bedrooms, mistakenly assuming that a room decorated in dark colors looks gloomy, uncomfortable and can even lead to depression. However, interior designers claim and prove in practice that a bedroom with dark furniture can look very harmonious.

In this article, we will share life hacks on how to choose dark furniture for your bedroom.

White bedroom with dark furniture

One of the most popular solutions is to use white colors for the walls. In this case, dark furniture will look great with a white background. We are not just talking about the bed, but the nightstands can also be black or dark.

A black chest of drawers in the bedrooms can be the accent feature. Don’t forget to put some decor on top of it. A candle, your favorite piece of art, plants, the pile of books-all of that will make your bedroom classy and modern.

Dark bedroom with dark furniture

If you don’t want to paint your walls in white color and you are a fan of deep dark colors in your bedroom we have good news for you!

The dark color of walls combined with dark furniture will make your bedroom look cozy, intimate, and elegant. The dark color of the walls creates the perfect atmosphere for your bedroom.

Accent wall and dark furniture.

If you don’t want your bedroom to be completely dark, you may paint one wall behind the bed and make it the accent one.

The color will depend on the color of the bed itself. For example, you can paint it the same color the bed is. Or you can paint it black and put some bright pictures or posters on it.

There are a lot of options for creating a nice ad cozy bedroom with black, dark-grey, or dark-blue furniture.

Here are some basic advice for creating a beautiful bedroom with dark furniture:

  1. Play with the contrast. Black furniture and accessories look well on white background and vise-versa
  2. It is preferable to choose only one dark color for all the furniture in the room. In general, don’t use more than 3 colors in the room
  3. Don’t forget about the textiles and decor. The bedspread color is very important, be careful with it and try to use one of the existing colors for the bedspread.
  4. The general look of the room will depend not only on the furniture color but also on the furniture style, wall color, textile, and decor. That’s why you should consider the combination of all these elements to create a beautiful and cozy bedroom.

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