Built-in cabinet ideas for a family room

Family room is a comfortable place where the family gathers and spends some quality time together. The main purpose of this space is to create comfortable environment for each family member.

Family room must be cozy, comfortable and have enough places for storage. That is why we often choose built-in cabinets for our family rooms.

Built-in furniture is not only a way to make the most of the available space, but also a great solution for small apartments or houses. The main peculiarities of built-in furniture for a family room are the following:

1) Solidity

Since structurally the elements of such furniture are connected with walls, partitions, ceiling and floor, the in-built cabinets are fitted as tightly as possible to the surfaces. This means that height, width and depth of the cabinets can be used most rationally.

2) Non-standard configuration

Even the most complex architectural niche is suitable for placing the built-in cabinet. The built-in cabinet is an essential element for the interior design: it helps to adjust the corners and hide the shortcomings of the room.

3) Stability

The mounted structure will not bend over time and will not tip over, because its parts are attached directly to the walls of the room.

4) Capacity

Built-in cabinets in a family room will allow you to hide all your personal belongings and ergonomically organize the interior space for clothes, shoes, and  personal belongings.

Built-in cabinets for the living room ideas

1)Built-in cabinets around the TV zone

Open shelves and the in-built cabinets around the TV

TV zone, surrounded by symmetrical in-built cabinets, will look stunning in your living room. The built-in cabinets can differ in their designs, sizes, and parameters. When choosing a specific type, evaluate all its pros and cons, distinctive features. Thus, you will get a great chance to choose the best furniture for your living room. Such cabinets take up a lot of free space in your room, but they are very functional. You can store many things in them.

2)In-built cabinets around the fireplace

What could be better than contemplating a living fire sitting at home by the fireplace in rainy weather? As many years ago, fireplaces are currently often being built in houses. When the fireplace is the center of your family room, you have to make sure that the cabinets, surrounding it, are in harmony with the fireplace. It is a good option to paint them the same color as the walls, so that they can become almost invisible.

3) Built-in cabinets and the working place in the family room

Built-in cabinets and the working place

If in your living room there is room for the working place, the built-in cabinets will become the essential element of such room. You may put the desk and the chair between 2 sets of built-in cabinets or drawers. The space above the working place may be decorated by some pictures, shelves, or other decor at your choice.

4) The entire wall of built-in cabinets

In case if you have an empty wall in your family room, we recommend you to use it for the built-in cabinets or shelves. Such shelves or cabinets may be the same color as the walls or they may be painted different color and become the accent of the room.

If there are open shelves, you should decorate them properly. Otherwise they will look messy. Put some decor on them, for example: books, pictures, candles, vases, photo frames or other items that you have.

5)In-built cabinets by the window

It is such a great idea to use the empty space by the window and create some beautiful built-in cabinets. If there is a comfortable chill out space near the window, which you use for reading, put some books in the cabinets.

6) Chill out zone and the cabinets

Some family rooms have chill out zones. They may be situated by the window or in other area. The thing is, that you should surround such area by the built-in cabinets. You may put the cabinets symmetrically on the both sides of the chill out zone.

7) Glass door built-in cabinets in the family room

One of the most beautiful ideas for the family room cabinets design, is to use glass door cabinets. Glass door cabinets look absolutely stunning! Though you should not forget that:

-glass is transparent and you should keep the cabinets clean in order to avoid visual noise

-glass easily gets dirty, you should clean it quite often

-you can’t store too much stuff in such cabinets, they are mostly for decorative purposes

8) Other ideas for built-in cabinets in the family room

Built-in cabinets have become the essential part of the family room interior.  They can become the masterpiece of the room if you place them wisely. They can be not just a beautiful addition to the interior of the family room, but also a decoration.

In case you need the built-in cabinets solely for the purposes of storage, we recommend you to make them tall and paint the neutral color. When the cabinets are painted the same color as the walls, they become almost invisible, and there is no visual noice in the room interior.

Of course if you need the perfect cabinets for the family room, you will need to have them custom-designed to fit your needs and budget. Moreover, make sure that the cabinets are made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials. The built-in cabinets require professional installation by the experts in this area.

Smart storage, organization, and special attention to the details all create a functional space that’s designed to evolve and grow with you and your family.

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