Boys bedroom painting ideas

The interior design of kids’ rooms is significantly different from the design of adults’ bedroom. Kids are more interested in bright colors, fairy tales, a sense of wonder.

When designing a kid’s room it is necessary to rely not only on the taste of parents, but also on the preference of the kid. Since an early age children themselves can tell what they want to see in their room. It is very easy to choose the colors that will fit the interior of the nursery. If the child is active then a room should be painted in bold and bright colors but for calm and modest children neutral colors will suit perfectly.

What you should know before painting your kid’s bedroom?

When choosing the colors for painting the kid’s bedroom consider that:

  • Orange and red shades might psych up the kids
  • Blue or green colors on the contrary have a calming effect
  • Yellow and pink colors seem to expand the space of the room and stimulate brain activity.
  • Dark and gloomy colors might cause a depressed emotional state
  • Light colors (white, beige) contribute to favorable emotions.

There are several options for decorating a boy’s bedroom

Technical design

Racing cars, high-speed locomotives, sports planes (such pictures are preferred by most boys)


Pictures of football and hockey players, formula 1 races and much more

Sea travel and adventure.

Wall murals with images of submarines, sea liners, speedboats, yachts, pirate entourage are well suited


If you have calm children who like dreaming, they will like pictures of high mountains, blue sky, green forests and the coastal zone of the oceans. When decorating a room in this style it is desirable to choose the appropriate furniture so that everything is harmoniously combined.

What are the options for adding color to a kid’s bedroom?

In order to create a perfect room for your kid you can use one of the three options:

  1. Use bright wallpapers

There is a variety of bright and colorful wallpapers suitable for a kid’s room:

Here are the boy’s bedroom ideas with Harlequin and Scion wallpapers. It can be either a feature wall or you can put the wallpaper over all the walls. Remember that there shouldn’t be more than 3 bright colors in the kids’ room.

boys bedroom painting ideas

The perfect balance of the room is when there is 1 basic color and 2 supplementary colors.

boy’s bedroom painting ideas

Just remember that you must create the atmosphere suitable for the kid.

boy’s bedroom painting ideas

2. Use wall mural

The kid’s room is a whole world where the baby grows, learns, plays. Here you can fantasize, engage in creativity and relax after a day full of adventures and new discoveries. It is very important that the baby feels comfortable and cozy in his room, so that he likes this world, inspires and causes only positive emotions.

The environment directly affects the development and mood of the child, so parents really want the nursery to be a special room, beautiful, bright and truly magical. It is very easy to create comfort and joy in the room and create a fairy-tale world for your baby with a help of wall murals for kids’ bedroom!

Here are some wonderful examples

3. Paint the walls in bedroom by yourself

See how to paint over wallpaper at

  • Wall painting is especially relevant for the thematic interior of the children’s room, for example, in a sea or fairy-tale style. The painting can be either complex and detailed or simple and uncomplicated. It is better to place large compositions only on one wall and small prints can be distributed in several places of the room at once, for example above the bed and in the playing area.
  • If you want the child’s room to be bright but you are afraid to overdo it, paint only one wall with bright paint and keep the other walls neutral. This way you will be able to zone the space visually separating a sleeping or playing area from a studying area.

Boy’s bedroom painting ideas

Here are some great ideas of DIY paintings for a kid’s room

boys bedroom painting ideas
  • Dots may look funny as in girls’ or a boys’ bedroom
  • You can draw different shapes on the walls of the bedroom
  • Painting only half of the wall may also be a good idea for painting a boy’s bedroom
  • Your little astronaut will definitely like the planets and stars painted in his bedroom

Those new some ideas for boy’s bedroom painting. They may easily be repeated.

Just don’t be afraid to add color and create the paradise bedroom for your kid!

See more kids bedroom ideas at


The video on DIY painting ideas by Joanna Gaines. Enjoy:)

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