Bedroom carpet ideas

Textile is a necessary element for decor of any bedroom. The right curtains and a carpet will give a nice touch to the room an will make it look cozy and modern. If you are asking yourself how to chose the right carpet for your bedroom read this article and see some nice bedroom carpet ideas.

Carpet for your bedroom and its size

It is important to choose the right size of a carpet for your bedroom. Otherwise the perception of the room will be spoiled. You need to focus on the perimeter of the room or bed. It all depends on what goal the owner of the bedroom pursues — to zone the room or just decorate it.

If the room is very large, you can buy a carpet which covers all the free space of the floor. Or you can cover only the bedside area and choose cute lite carpets. For smaller rooms it is better to buy a carpet for almost the entire floor.

Big carpet in a bedroom

Choosing the shape of the carpet

Standard geometric shapes (square, rectangle) are still popular among manufacturers of woven products. However, specialists are progressing and today they offer the consumer products of round, oval or polygonal shapes.

A bedroom with right angles will be ideally decorated with a square or rectangle carpet. It will also somewhat hide the excessive softness of the room if it is dominated by streamlined, rounded furniture items.

As for sheep skins, they are interestingly laid on both sides of the bed or on the side of the bedside pouf at the foot.

Color plus pattern of the carpet in the bedroom

For the comfortable rest in the bedroom  it is advisable to choose more soft colors. The color of the carpet must be harmoniously combined with the colors of one of the objects of the room:

-bedspread, bed pillows.
-the central picture or wall panel

The carpet can also organically contrast with the main tone of the floor or walls. For example, a white carpet on a black laminate or vice versa. But do not overload the perimeter too much with heavy, saturated colors.

As for the carpet pattern you need to choose it according to the chosen style:
Provence-flowers, weaving branches, medallions.
Classics — monograms, figures of animals, birds, people, a border is mandatory.
Modern — any geometric shapes (stripes, square, rhombus, zigzag, lines, circles, rectangles).
Boho — an ethnic woven ornament.
Hi-tech—solid-color coatings.

Remember, a large print visually makes the bedroom smaller. Therefore such a pattern can be chosen for a spacious room. A small print, on the contrary, enlarges the room.

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