10 great ideas of mid-century modern bedrooms

What is mid-century modern style?

The mid-century modern style appeared after the Second World War when people wanted functional, cozy, and comfortable interiors for a living. So bright elements of decor and textiles with geometric patterns, warm colors that dilute the natural range began to appear. Thanks to the use of artificial materials, especially plastic, furniture have acquired smooth lines and sharp corners have faded into the background.

This style still has a leading position in the sphere of design. In this article, we will take a look at 20 wonderful ideas of mid-century modern bedroom design.

The basic palette for the mid-century room is represented by natural colors:
What you will see in a mid-century modern bedroom is wood. Wooden furniture, wooden floor-these are key features of this style.

All these colors will help in creating a cozy and calm interior and will serve as an excellent background for contrasting decor items and furniture. As accents, we can use bright colors that will make the interior brighter and richer. For this purpose orange, mustard, terracotta, coral, gold colors are suitable.
However do not forget about blue, purple, burgundy, emerald colors.

It is the decor that is designed to make the mid-century modern room brighter and more original. In the post-war period, pop culture became increasingly popular in almost all spheres. It has also been very active in the interiors.

What to choose for decor:
-abstract sculptures,
-vintage items,
-fresh flowers,
-clocks of unusual shape

An important place in the interiors of the mid-century style is occupied by lamps, which become real art objects. Chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, and table lamps perfectly place accents in light, not overloaded with detailed spaces.

The walls can be painted white, it is a classic color for this style. However, to diversify the whiteness, use decorative wooden panels — they can be decorated as one wall, for example, near the sofa, and the entire room.

For bold and creative individuals, we offer another interesting option: wallpaper with geometric patterns or abstract drawings. If this option seems too bright to you, posters or tapestries with bright drawings are perfect.

Fabrics with abstract prints or geometric patterns, which are used in furniture upholstery, are mainly used. As for the curtains, they either do not exist at all, or light fabrics are used that allow sunlight into the room.

A mandatory attribute in the mid-century style is a carpet. As a rule, this is a palace with a short pile of various colors and patterns — here your imagination can run wild.

To create an original interior, look for real vintage items — decor, lamps, tables. Let in the interior as much sunlight as possible, Roman shades and light fabrics for window decoration are suitable.

The mid-century modern philosophy was influenced by the aesthetics of aerodynamics. That is why many models of lamps resemble spaceships and shiny flying saucers. However, usually lighting devices of simple, laconic forms in brass or chrome.

In any case, the designers who worked with light in the mid-century era agreed on one thing: lighting should be diverse and multifunctional. So there is a side and local lighting, floor lamps, table lamps.

Furniture in the mid-century modern style should be geometric, mainly on legs, and the facades should be simple in shape and made of various varieties of light wood. An unmistakable move is the use of classic furniture of this style. As accents, bright chairs of pure colors — red, yellow, blue, and so on are suitable.

Pieces of furniture and decor in the mid-century style are characterized by lightness and extraordinary expressiveness. Structurally, they resemble a modern style, but at the same time combine natural lines and materials. Open spaces are emphasized by furniture on legs, wooden and metal elements, bright accents.

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