15 Great Tile Flooring Ideas for Living Room

The type and color of flooring usually depends on the color scheme and the uprise of the premises.

Tiles can be used in many rooms, including residential areas, due to:

  • durability;
  • high scratch and crack resistance;
  • the possibility of placing equipment with significant weight on it.

The surface covered with tiles does not deform and does not deteriorate, even if heavy elements supporting various equipment will stay on it for many years. The material will  not be damaged in case of the living room renovation and  furniture moving.

There are different styles of tile flooring for the living room:

1. Wood.

One of the best solutions for a living room tile flooring imitating natural wood, which looks cozy and nice.

tiles imitating natural wood in the living room

2. Stone.

Tiles imitating natural stone will look good in every living room. Such material can withstand any temperature changes, frost, flood, heavy traffic and the use of aggressive chemicals.

Tiles imitating natural stone

3. Marble.

Natural marble was once considered a unique opportunity to emphasize the status of the interior space. If earlier only wealthy homeowners could afford to have marble flooring or walls, now this problem has been solved because there are tiles imitating natural marble.

tiles imitating natural marble.

4. Patterns

In search of an idea for a decorative, colorful floor for the living room you can use ceramic tiles with various patterns. This will make your living room look sophisticated and expensive.

5. Terrazzo

Terrazzo has been experiencing a real renaissance lately. The most famous designers use it in their projects, the most respected companies launch finishing materials and a variety of products in the terrazzo style. This natural finishing material attracts attention with its aesthetic appearance, soft shine and pleasant texture.

terrazzo tiles in the living room


6. Terracotta

Terracotta tiles are a classic type of flooring that can be successfully used in a house and a city apartment.

7. Patchwork

Patchwork tiles are ready-made mixed sets, which include samples of the same size and quality, but with a different image. You can choose a large version with an imitation of the layout of 4-9 small patterned tiles or stop at the classics (smooth or textured, glossy or matte).

The advantages of patchwork tiles include the following:
-option to select the decor in accordance with individual preferences;
-complete freedom in the combination of colors and shades.

8. Large patterns

Large patterns will look perfectly in the living room in classical style. They will make it look elegant and gorgeous.

9. Chess tiles

One of the most elegant and stylish solutions for a living room is chess tiles. It looks equally good in both classic and modern interiors, and not only in the hallway, kitchen or bathroom, but also in residential areas.

10. Green stones

If you are ready to introduce bright accents to your living room we recommend you to pay attention to these green stone floor tiles.

11. Geometric pattern

For the living room in art-deco interior style you may choose nice geometric black and white pattern. It will also look well in modern interiors.

12. Graphic zigzag tile

One of the modern and creative solutions for a living room is a graphic zigzag tile. It may be in single color scheme with walls, or become a bright accent in the room.

13. Victorian tiles

These are tiles of different sizes and geometric shapes that are arranged in repeating patterns, used to decorate a floor space These tile designs are known for both their beauty and ease of maintenance, besides, they look really gorgeous.

14. Relief tiles

These tiles have a great and natural look and can be used both in an apartment and a house.


15. Large-sized geometric tiles

This may seem a bold but modern and trendy solution for your living room.

When choosing the flooring for the living room you should always think not only about the looks but also the durability and quality of the surface.

More ideas for floors in the living room https://inspirationforhome.com/floors/

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