When to decorate your house for Halloween

Halloween is one of the oldest holidays in the English-speaking world, second only to Christmas in popularity. And although millions of people celebrate All Saints ‘ Eve without knowing the origins of this holiday, knowing the history of Halloween and related myths and legends makes this eerily fun holiday even more interesting.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31, the last day of the Celtic calendar. Initially, it was a pagan holiday-a day of honoring the dead. Halloween was called All Hallows Eve (the eve of All Saints ‘ Day), and its roots went back centuries, no less — to the beginning of our era.

The eve of All Saints ‘Day, as its name implies, is the evening before All Saints’ Day, the day that Christians dedicated to their patron saints and on which they converted pagans to the faith — November 1.

During the Halloween period, everyone can feel a little bit of a mystic and wizard, turning their home into a home of evil spirits and the other world. People spend huge amounts of money on Halloween decorations for their houses.

But here comes the most important question: When is it acceptable to decorate the house for Halloween?

There is no right answer to this question, but most people start preparing the decorations 2 weeks prior the holiday. Though it must be noted that the prices in this period are above average.

So you might start buying the decorations at the end of September when the prices are not that high. Anyway it is up to you when to set up the decor for this holiday because the most important thing during this time is to have fun!You will find more ideas for outdoor decor at https://www.morganboulevard.com/halloween-porch-ideas



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